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Pandemic Assistance & Vaccine Equity Grants (PAVE)

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Overview. The Federal COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccination Equity Supplemental Funding (PAVE) program provides funding for Kansas to support local efforts to increase vaccine uptake by expanding COVID-19 vaccine programs and ensuring greater equity and access to vaccines by those disproportionately affected by the pandemic, including high-risk and underserved populations such as racial and ethnic minorities and rural communities.

Applicant Eligibility. Local government groups, colleges/universities, tribes, clinics, medical and nurse associations, pharmacies, nonprofits, community organizations, and faith-based organizations are encouraged to apply. County Health Departments are not eligible to apply. Contact Kansas Governor Laura Kelly’s Grants Office at 785-291-3205 or PAVE@ks.gov regarding questions about applicant eligibility.

Application.  Applications must be submitted on or before December 31, 2021.  Access the full solicitation below.

PAVE Solicitation and Application Forms - Applications are not being accepted at this time.

{PAVE Solicitation and Application Forms} (to be posted in Spanish) - Applications are not being accepted at this time.


What can these funds support?

Allowable Activities. Requested funds must be utilized to support and strengthen critical immunization planning and implementation requirements and activities to ensure effective and efficient COVID-19 vaccination distribution. This includes expanding the existing immunization infrastructure, engaging in additional partnerships, and implementing and evaluating new strategies to reach affected populations (such as those who may be vaccine hesitant, those who are in racial and ethnic or other minority groups).

Examples of allowable PAVE costs include, but are not limited to:

•  Local education campaigns to increase vaccine confidence and combat misinformation;
•  Support to adapt materials for target audiences, including language translation;
•  Media buys, such as radio and television ads;
• Sessions with trusted leaders among underserved and/or affected communities to better understand community needs (e.g. town hall meetings, focus groups, round table discussions, etc.);
• COVID-19 vaccination supplies (including personal protective equipment, sanitation, oxygen tanks/bottles, and injection site medical supplies) for vaccine events;
•  Space rental for vaccine events, training, education, and focus groups;
• Assistance in providing access to vaccination activities, including transportation and mileage reimbursement (reimbursement will be provided at the federal rate or according to agency policy, whichever is less);
• Coverage of transportation costs (e.g. bus fare vouchers, ride share programs, and taxi fare) Note: Uber and Lyft offer free ride programs for vaccination; and
•  Personnel (e.g. meeting facilitators, vaccinators, translators).

Unallowable Activities. PAVE funds are not allowed to be used for food or drinks, construction costs, purchase of vehicles, personal care outside of vaccination events, and vaccine incentives.

Unallowable Costs. PAVE funds cannot replace other federal, state, or local funds that would otherwise be available for the proposed COVID-19 related activities. Applicants may not reduce or reallocate federal, state, or local funds for a particular activity or purchase specifically because PAVE funds are available. Please contact the Grants Office with any questions.

What reporting requirements are associated with the PAVE program?

A completed PAVE POST-PROJECT IMPACT REPORT is required to be submitted once awarded grant funds are spent. Additionally, monthly Financial Status Reports are required on the 15th of each month and must include supporting documentation in order to be reimbursed for expenses. Financial Status Reports will no longer be required once the project incurs no further costs. Note: Both reports are included in this packet for reference.

What compliance requirements are associated with the PAVE program?

All award recipients must comply with the PAVE program requirements and related federal award guidance. Recipients must comply with the applicable provisions of the Federal Office of Management and Budget's Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards, 2 CFR Part 200, which includes maintaining appropriate programmatic and financial records. PAVE funds must be tracked and accounted for separate from an organization’s general operating funds. Please contact the Grants Office with any questions.

How will the funds be dispersed?

Payments are issued on a quarterly advance basis, with the first payment equal to 25 percent of the awarded amount.  The amount of subsequent payments is determined by reported expenditures.  Recipients may request a specific advance for PAVE payment if needed to meet immediate obligations.

An applicant must have a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to receive payments.