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Managing a Grant Award

Opening a Grant Award

  • Award Notification

  • Award Documents

  • Creating a Grant File

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Making Changes to a Grant

Any changes to a grant budget or activities must be approved through the KGGP.

Making Changes to a Grant

  • Budget Revision Requests

  • Programmatic Revision Requests

  • Extension Request

  • Notification Requirements

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Time and Activity

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Payments Process

Payments Process

  • Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

  • Request for Advance of Funds

Grant Compliance

KGGP staff assists in providing on-going technical assistance to subgrantees.  Technical assistance is available by phone, in writing, email or in-person.  In addition, every effort is made to ensure that continuing subgrantees receive at least one site visit or desk compliance review each year, depending on the grant program and administrative resources. 

Closing a Grant Award

At the conclusion of a grant project period, all grant awards are reviewed for closeout.

  • All reporting requirements must be met;
  • The Grant Project Compliance Review is complete;
  • Expenditure/Payment Reconciliation is complete;
  • Message is sent on Grant Portal from KGGP that the award is closed, and;
  • Subgrantee must keep all records on file for five years.