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Local Safety and Security Equipment Grant Program (LSSE)

The Local Safety and Security Equipment (LSSE) Grant Program provides funding for the purpose of improving the accessibility and efficiency of delivery of services to Kansans through investments to modernize information technology infrastructure, continuity of operations, and safety and security. The LSSE Grant Program also allows for replacement of wildland firefighting equipment.

Additional Criteria
The COVID-19 pandemic brought to the forefront the need for interoperability as emergency responders relied more than ever before on radio technology as a central and daily point of communication.  Local jurisdictions within a given county were challenged to identify work-around procedures to ‘relay’ communications, oftentimes causing delayed responses. The overarching purpose of the grant program is to assist local jurisdictions across Kansas achieve modernization of communications infrastructure and equipment, enabling local entities to meet the current federal encryption standards and facilitate interoperability with local, county, and state communications. Additionally, funds may be used for the replacement of equipment or fire apparatus destroyed or damaged in large wildland fires and equipment that is minimally functioning or non-operational, outdated, and/or unsafe.

The funds will support equipment upgrades critical to emergency response and/or law enforcement operations, expanding local entities’ ability to ensure safe and secure government-citizen interactions and to support interoperability of communications within Kansas. The investments required to achieve the overarching purpose of the grant program are large one-time costs and maintenance.  While local entities typically make incremental investments in updating equipment over time, compliance with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) mandate and support for the new encryption standards requires a larger investment than most local jurisdictions can accommodate within existing resources.  This program will assist local communities by providing the resources necessary to ensure cohesive emergency response operations across critical state and local government entities. 

Funding is also available to local fire departments. Grant funds may be provided for wildland firefighting equipment meeting national standards, replacement of unsafe, damaged, non-operational wildland firefighting equipment, and replacement of equipment destroyed by fire.

Eligible Applicants
Applicants eligible for LSSE grant funding include local governmental entities, specifically for the jurisdictions’ emergency response departments, including but not limited to, first responders, public safety answering points for 911 centers, law enforcement agencies, fire departments (including part-time and volunteer departments), and paramedics/emergency medical services.

To Apply
Applications are not being accepted at this time.

Pre-Application Webinar Training
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LSSE FAQs - Updated June 9, 2023

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Reporting Requirements

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Press Release
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