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Kansas Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (KCJCC)

The Kansas Criminal Justice Coordinating Council was created by the 1994 Legislature.  One of the duties of the Council is to develop and oversee reporting of all criminal justice federal funding available to the state or local units of government including the designation and functions of administering the United States Bureau of Justice Assistance grant programs.  The KCJCC also oversees the management of the criminal justice information system.  The members of the Council are statutorily appointed and consist of the Governor or designee, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or designee, the Attorney General or designee, the Secretary of Corrections, the Superintendent of the Highway Patrol, and the Director of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

KCJCC Members:
Derek Schmidt, Attorney General, Chair
Justin Whitten, Vice-Chair  (Governor's Designee)
Justice Caleb Stegall, (Chief Justice Designee)
Jeff Zmuda, Acting Secretary of Kansas Department of Corrections
Colonel Herman Jones, Superintendent of the Kansas Highway Patrol
Kirk Thompson, Director of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation

Kansas Statewide Strategic Plan

KCJCC Meeting Information

The KCJCC will meet Monday, October 10, 2022,  from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Landon State Office Building, Room 509, to review the 2023 JAG applications.

Agenda KCJCC meeting July 7, 2022
Agenda KCJCC meeting Sept. 30 2021
Agenda KCJCC meeting June 21 2021
KCJCC Meeting Agenda Sept 1 2020
2021 JAG Awards
2022 JAG Awards

KCJCC Meeting Minutes